Kissimmee Boat Accident Lawyer

Florida is known the world over for its stunning coastal vistas and vast expanses of navigable waters. As such, the boating population in the Sunshine State is among the largest in the nation and arguably second to none in its level of enthusiasm.

While boats provide nearly endless enjoyment and recreational opportunities to locals and visitors alike, negligence on and around them regrettably results in an unacceptable volume of injuries and deaths each year.

When this happens, a Kissimmee boat accident lawyer can enter the fray and provide much-needed advice and counsel. Contact an experienced injury lawyer who can help you pursue compensation.

Common Florida Boat Accidents

Statistics released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reveal that in 2016, there were over 931,000 vessels officially registered in the state, evidencing the region’s status as a true boating mecca.

Alarmingly, however, Florida ranked among the top ten states for the total number of boating fatalities in 2015, a tally which only increased the following year.

In addition to the startling volume of deaths occurring on the water, the catalogue of injuries sustained is also significant enough to give observers real pause, with head, back, neck and internal injuries representing a substantial proportion of the harm suffered.

How Boat Accidents Frequently Unfold

Though the types of risks involved in boating are in some ways similar to those faced on the roads, many operators do not exercise the same sort of caution when they hit the open water as they do while behind the wheel of their cars.

Failure to heed basic principles of boating safety, the absence of sufficient life jackets for everyone aboard, boating while intoxicated and a lack of proper vessel maintenance can all be contributing factors to the troubling volume of serious accidents that occur on an annual basis.

Boating-Related Negligence

A common misconception in Florida and elsewhere is that those who set foot on a boat have effectively assumed the risks involved in that activity and therefore are unable to legally pursue others for damages sustained. However, this is definitively not the case, and it is quite common for boat passengers to experience very real losses due to the negligent acts and omissions of third-parties, boat owners and others. Conduct that may give rise to liability on the part of those individuals and entities may include:

  • Venturing into wake areas and attempting to navigate rough waters at unsafe speeds
  • Failure to follow rules of navigation
  • Failure to observe precautions around operational propellers
  • General operation at ill-advised speeds
  • Failure to watch for water skiers and others in the water
  • Neglecting to properly maintain boat and ancillary equipment
  • Venturing out in poor weather
  • Overloading the vessel
  • Engaging in drunk/drugged operation of vessel
  • Manufacturing or selling a defective watercraft or component

Harm Sustained in Florida Boating Accidents

The seriousness of harm regularly suffered in Florida boating incidents cannot be overstated. Though events of this nature do have the potential to prove deadly, even when they do not the consequences for victims can be debilitating and long-lasting. Boating injuries commonly seen in Florida encompass:

  • Traumatic brain injury/permanent cognitive impairment
  • Deep lacerations
  • Bone fractures
  • Spinal cord damage/possible paralysis
  • Skin burns
  • Nerve damage requiring amputation

How Victims Can Pursue Justice

Because there are many injury lawyers who simply lack the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively manage a boating accident claim, it is crucial for victims to select their legal representative with great care.

A skilled boating accident attorney in Kissimmee will understand the importance of reviewing the background of the boat operator involved, the history of the vessel itself, all available witness statements, medical records and other essential evidence to aggressively advocate for the compensation each victim deserves.

Talk to a Kissimmee Boat Accident Attorney

In an instant, a relaxing jaunt on one of Florida’s picturesque waterways can take a truly tragic turn, leaving victims to contend with serious injuries or worse.

Though the legal system provides an opportunity to seek fair financial recovery in the form of lost wages, medical expenses, payment for pain and suffering and more, the window of time available for doing so is strictly limited.

If you would like to explore your options following an event of this nature, a Kissimmee boat accident lawyer can provide the insights you need.