Kissimmee Premises Liability Lawyer

Landlords have a duty to maintain their property so as to minimize the dangers to innocent people. If you or a loved one have been injured while on someone else’s property, you are entitled to compensation that a Kissimmee premises liability lawyer can help you to obtain.

To win that compensation, the injured person will have to show that the premises owners were negligent in how they maintained their property. The issue often is how foreseeable the accident was. Would the typical landlord have foreseen that the condition of the property could cause this kind of injury? For assistance in understanding the liability considerations your case, contact an experienced injury lawyer right away. En Español.

Common Accident Causes

Some of the common physical hazards that cause injury that Kissimmee premises liability attorneys see in these types of cases are:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Poor lighting in hallways or other common areas
  • Open construction pits without fencing or warning signs
  • Defective stairwells or banisters
  • Faulty locks that allow intruders to get in
  • Defective wiring and other fire hazards
  • Failure to shovel snow or warn about wet floors

A person who lives in an apartment building or other multi-resident dwelling has a right, under law, to a habitable, safe environment. If the owners have breached that duty, the injured party can recover damages.

Visitor Classification

In other types of cases, courts will look at why the victim was on the defendant’s premises. There are several different classifications of persons in these types of cases, such as:

  • Invitees
  • Social guests
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers

Invitees and social guests deserve the highest standard of care, because the property owners specifically asked them to come onto the property. For example, if the premises were part of a “public accommodation” where members of the public are specifically invited in – such as a store or a restaurant – then the courts will hold the owners to a high standard of care.

Licensees are people who have permission to be on the property, but who visit for their own purposes or amusement, rather than for business. Trespassers have been found to be deserving of almost no care, although even they are protected against willful injury.

Potential Damages

Florida is one of the many states that use a comparative negligence standard. This means that whatever amount the injured party was negligent, their recovery will be reduced by that amount. Some of the injuries a person can suffer include:

  • Brain damage
  • Burns
  • Broken or otherwise injured limbs
  • Emotional trauma

The medical costs caused by a serious personal injury can skyrocket very quickly. If the injured party was the breadwinner for a family, then the entire family could be forced to lower its quality of life. The damages that can be won include economic damages (medical expenses, lost income), noneconomic (emotional distress), and punitive (meant to punish the conduct of the defendant).

Kissimmee premises liability attorneys know how to hold landowners accountable when they fail to remedy the hazards on their property.  Photographs of the accident scene can be very useful, as can witness accounts. A thorough medical examination is essential. Gathering the evidence that will be needed for a successful claim must happen as soon after the accident as possible.

Contact a Kissimmee Premises Liability Attorney

In most personal injury cases in Florida, the injured person has four years from the date of the accident to file a claim. The statute of limitations and necessity for evidence are the primary reasons you should not wait another day before getting your claim evaluated by a Kissimmee premises liability lawyer who is ready and able to fight for you.