Miami Lakes Elderly Car Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies tend to look at the elderly as more likely to be involved in car accidents. As a result, if an elderly person is bringing their claim in after a car accident, the insurance company will often argue the elderly person was at fault in the accident even if they were not at fault. The insurance companies also tend to devalue the injuries sustained by the elderly because an insurance company will base their claim and estimation of injuries on mortality tables. The elderly have shorter life expectancy, so insurance companies will use this to argue that they should not be entitled to as much compensation for their injuries.

If you or a loved one have been in a car accident and experienced injuries as a result, you would benefit from the help of a Miami Lakes car accident attorney, who has experience with elderly car accident cases. Someone who has handled many car accident claims and has represented elderly persons before knows how to best deal with insurance companies and the arguments they use related to elderly people driving. They will fight for your rights the entire process of the claim and will work toward the best outcome in your case for you. It is important to have an experienced lawyer who is sympathetic to your case, who understands your situation, and who has faith in your arguments. En Español.

The Effects of Aging on Driving

As people age, the different abilities that govern how a person can drive change. Aging can have varying effects on people’s ability to drive, primarily because vision, hearing, and reaction times are going to be slowed and less astute. Driving habits change because of slower reflex times or poor eyesight. It is important that people who are driving be aware of their own limitations and do not take unnecessary risks while on the road when they know their hearing or eyesight is different than it used to be. However, just because someone is aging, that does not mean they should not be driving, and so long as they are able, they deserve the best protection at all times and recognition in the event they suffer any injuries.


Often, the negligence of other drivers may affect the elderly more severely, because the elderly will sometimes have slower reaction times. They are not as easily able to avoid someone who may be swerving erratically, driving drunk, or texting and driving. Accidents happen frequently because of the negligence of others which would require quick responses and increased vigilance. The elderly may be at a disadvantage when confronted with any of these scenarios on the road, and accidents are a common result of these interactions.


Elderly people are entitled to the same compensation as everyone else if they have been injured in a car accident. They are entitled to have their damaged car repaired. Assuming that there is insurance, they are entitled to medical bill treatment as well as being entitled to recognition of the pain and suffering for their injuries.

Often times, elderly people have previous injuries that may be aggravated by a car accident. Under Florida law, the elderly are entitled to full compensation for aggravation of previous injuries. A Miami Lakes car accident lawyer will have experience in a variety of cases involving the elderly and will work to represent you toward receiving fair compensation if you have suffered any injuries from a car accident.