Miami Lakes Parking Lot Car Accident Lawyer

Parking lot accidents are among the most common type of car collisions in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found that 20 percent of all traffic accidents take place in such locations. They may typically contain unique facts and circumstances, which is why you may need to contact a Miami Lakes parking lot car accident lawyer if you are involved in this type of accident.

Even though parking lot wrecks typically involve vehicles that are moving at lower speeds, they still account for about 14 percent of all claims for auto damages. They also include a fairly high number of pedestrians—and, on average, more than 200 people are killed in parking lot accidents each year. If you suffer an injury in such an accident, a seasoned car collision attorney could help you review your options for seeking and recovering compensation.

Who is Liable for a Parking Lot Accident?

Parking lot accidents could occur for a variety of reasons. Chief among these may include the following:

  • Drivers looking for a place to park who fail to watch out for other cars and/or pedestrians
  • Drivers backing out of spots in which they parked “head in”
  • Drivers who are driving over the posted speed limit, which—under Florida law—is either 10 or 15 miles per hour

Most parking lots are located on private property, which could mean that the laws and regulations that apply to drivers on public roads may not apply there. This could be one of the key ways in which parking lot accidents are different from other types of vehicle accidents. It may not be advisable to handle a car accident case without an attorney. A plaintiff may require a Miami Lakes parking lot car accident lawyer who has experience in dealing with all the nuances and variables that parking lot car accident cases often entail.

Florida law requires the owners of parking lots to properly maintain their properties and to keep them properly lighted when they are in use. An injured accident plaintiff may be able to assert a legal claim against the owner of the parking lot if the crash they were hurt in was at least partially caused by improper maintenance or lighting.

What to Do After An Accident

In the aftermath of a parking lot accident, there are several key steps that a person could take. A parking lot car accident lawyer in Miami Lakes could go into further detail regarding any of the following proactive actions. The steps a person should take following a parking lot accident are:

  • All involved parties should stop any impacted vehicle
  • When it is safe to do so, move the vehicle to a location where it does not interfere with other traffic—or, if it is inoperable, call a service to tow the car away
  • At this time, it is critical—and legally required—to assist any injured parties and call 911 if anyone needs medical assistance
  • The accident should be reported to local law enforcement authorities if anyone is injured or killed and/or if the accident causes more than $500 of property damage. Because the accident most likely took place on private property, law enforcement officials may only respond if there is a serious injury or a pedestrian involved
  • Involved parties should provide each other with their name, address, driver license number, phone number, insurance company, plate number, and any other important information
  • If there are any witnesses to the accident, their information should be collected and retained as well
  • Physical evidence of what happened could be crucial to the outcome of a civil case. Check for any surveillance cameras in the parking lot or on nearby buildings, take pictures of the accident scene, and notify insurance companies about the accident—and last but not least, call a Miami Lakes parking lot car accident lawyer

What Not to Do

If someone is involved in a parking lot accident, they may be advised not do any of the following:

  • Answer any questions about the accident from anyone except a law enforcement official—and, even then, do not admit fault, volunteer any information, or offer an opinion about what caused the accident
  • Agree to pay for the damages to the other driver’s car
  • Fail to contact their insurance company
  • Sign any documents presented to them by anyone else’s agent, lawyer, or insurance representative

Let a Miami Lakes Parking Lot Car Accident Attorney Help

If you were involved in a parking lot accident, call an experienced Miami Lakes parking lot car accident lawyer as soon as possible. They could help to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you are able to effectively pursue any damages that are appropriate. Reach out today and set up a consultation with a compassionate attorney.