Risks of Handling Your Own Miami Lakes Car Accident Injury Claim

Sometimes, individuals may be tempted to handle their own claim after an accident has occurred. This can arise when an individual does not feel that they or their property was sufficiently damaged to warrant an involved security settlement, or an individual simply does not feel that they need an attorney. Although some minor claims could theoretically be settled without an attorney, it is strongly advisable to seek out the assistance of an experienced lawyer when settling an insurance claim after an auto accident.

With a knowledgeable lawyer, you can rest assured that you are receiving the appropriate representation, who can fight to award you with any and all damages you are entitled to. If you are thinking about handling a claim independently, get in touch with an experienced attorney to learn more about the risks of handling your own Miami Lakes car accident injury claim. En Español.

Independently Handling an Insurance Claim

Normally, a person should never handle their own personal injury claim. However, if there are no injuries, if the person has no pain within 14 days after the accident, or if there is very minor property damage, an individual can usually handle their own accident claim.

Nonetheless, even if a claim seems simple, a person should keep the risks of handling your own Miami Lakes car accident injury claim in mind. Many times, the insurance company attempts to make a claim seem simple to a client by saying that they are working on a settlement, which often delays the claim. Once two weeks have passed, the insurance company will give the person a form to sign away their rights, or a document saying that the client did not satisfy the prerequisites for their claim in Florida. This results in the claim being denied.

Negotiating a Settlement

When negotiating a car accident settlement, a person should compile all the information and documents they have available, including any medical records or hospital bills they have. If an individual decides to handle the claim on their own, they should put together any pictures and documents they have together in one packet. After the claim is opened, the injured person will send a letter to the insurance company. The insurance adjuster will then call them to negotiate what the claim is worth.

The damages for the vehicles are usually estimated by professional estimators from the insurance company. The damages to the individual for their physical injuries are usually related to how serious the injuries are, and depend on the reports from the medical doctors. In an individual’s demand letter, an individual should include all medical records, property damage bills, photographs, as well as any ticket or police report.

Mistakes & Misconceptions

One common misconception that a person may have about handling a car accident claim on their own is the belief that the insurance company is working with them, and is trying to help them work through their claims. An individual should know that since insurance companies can often be tricky, they rarely offer an individual the true value of their claim, especially not in the first few rounds of discussions. An individual has to be consistent and call the insurance companies daily to make sure that they get the full value of their case. Other misconceptions are that the forms the insurance company gives to an individual to sign are forms that help their case, and that any statement that an individual gives will help their claim.

When someone does not contact a lawyer, the insurance company provides them with forms to sign that waive their rights to insurance benefits early on in the claim process. Many times, insurance companies send adjusters to the person’s house, particularly after serious injuries, who tell the injured person that there are only a few thousand dollars of insurance available. Oftentimes, there are plenty more funds available to the injured person, which they do not know when they are attempting to handle their car accident claim on their own. These adjusters may tell the injured person that they are going to give them a fair value of their case, but often provides them with offers that are 20 to 30 percent of what the claim is actually worth.

Contacting a Lawyer

After 14 days, an individual waives their right to medical benefits. Effectively, after three or four months, it is very difficult to bring forward a claim for injuries even when there is other insurance available. Insurance companies will maintain the view that if it was a serious case, an individual would have brought forward their claim earlier. For more information about the risks of handling your own Miami Lakes car accident injury claim, contact an attorney today.