Miami Lakes Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Rollover car accidents in Miami can be some of the most devastating and fatal car accidents that occur in Florida.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a rollover car accident, you will need the immediate assistance of an experienced and compassionate Miami  Lakes car accident attorney experienced in rollover events. En Español.

Common Types of Accidents

Whether a victim involved in a rollover accident had their own car rollover or was impacted by another vehicle’s rollover, these accidents can be catastrophic.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department reported about 9,420 rollover car accident injuries in the year 2009, and 174 car rollover accident fatalities. There are a number of different factors that can contribute to causing rollover accidents.

Large Truck Rollovers

Large tractor trailers and semi-trucks are notorious for rollover accidents that can collide with passing highway traffic.  An experienced Miami rollover car accident lawyer will look into whether any commercial vehicle involved in a rollover was loaded properly and in good repair.

Both trucks that are overloaded or loaded unevenly can be more likely to cause a rollover accident, and if the commercial company did not take steps to load the truck safely, it may be held liable for any resulting rollover accident.

Commercial Driver Liability

A skilled Miami Lakes rollover car accident attorney will also examine the background of the truck driver and whether they were operating the vehicle safely and in accordance with the commercial company’s policies.

If the driver was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, or had not taken adequate rest breaks, this could also have contributed to causing the rollover accident.

Responsible Parties

Victims involved in a rollover car accident may also have been at risk due to unsafe road conditions, poor weather, or the dangerous driving behavior of another driver.

Whatever the reason for the rollover accident, a rollover car accident attorney in Miami can investigate which party may be responsible for the resulting injuries and damages.

Vehicle Manufacturing and Design Defects

In some instances, the rollover may be due to a design or manufacturing defect with the vehicle itself.

A rollover car accident lawyer can look into whether this may be the case and the car manufacturer may bear responsibility for creating a vehicle that has a tendency to rollover easily and thus should not have been on the market.

If the manufacturer had reason to know that its vehicles were prone to rollover accidents, a court may determine the manufacturer had a duty to warn the public or recall and fix the vehicles.

Talk to a Miami Lakes Car Accident Attorney Today

No matter the circumstances that led to your rollover car accident, it is a good idea to have an experienced Miami Lakes rollover car accident attorney by your side to investigate the cause of the rollover accident and assess which party may bear responsibility for the damages you have suffered.

You may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills, lost wages from time away from work, rehabilitation costs, medication costs, property damage, and even your pain and suffering. If a loved one was killed in a rollover accident, you may also be eligible for wrongful death benefits.