Miami Lakes Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they do not always behave that way. Even the smallest and most docile dogs have the potential to lash out, while larger, more aggressive breeds are infamous for attacking, and many are trained to do so. If injuries caused by the violent behavior of a dog have affected your life, consider hiring a Miami Lakes dog bite lawyer.

A dog bite is always serious no matter how much injury it causes, and can be the source of physical wounds as well as emotional trauma.  Because of the role dogs play in our society, we often forget that dogs can pose the same risks that we associate with other animals, and a dog that has shown a propensity for violence once is likely to do it again. For these reasons, it is never advisable to dismiss a dog bite as predictable animal behavior.

A dog bite can inflict someone with pain and suffering, significant medical bills, and a reduced quality of life. According to Florida law, the owner of the offending pet bears at least some responsibility for the situation.

As with any unwelcome sort of injury, the victim has legal rights he or she can exercise to recover their losses and restore some semblance of their normal routine. Get the process started by partnering with a Miami Lakes personal injury lawyer to combat the influence a dog bite has had on your life.

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Does My Dog Bite Qualify?

Florida law stipulates that a dog owner is liable for any injury caused by their dog(s) to a person, another pet, or to livestock. That means in most instances a dog owner can be held responsible for the actions of their canine.

Importantly, the owner is liable regardless of whether the dog is known to be aggressive, so even if an individual is attacked by an aggressive dog, they cannot be accused of inviting a known risk without provoking the animal.

Dog Owner Liability

The percentage of the owner’s liability can be reduced if the victim of the dog bite is determined to have been negligent in some form. For instance, if a person hits, or otherwise agitates a dog, the dog owner does not bear full responsibility if that dog lashes out violently. The courts will determine the percentage of the victim’s negligence and adjust the level of compensation awarded accordingly.

The Florida dog bite law also contains a statute, section 767.05, that exempts the dog owner from all liability if the victim is six years of age or older and the property where the dog is kept has a clearly visible sign reading “Bad Dog” or “Beware of Dog.” A Miami Lakes dog bite attorney can help to determine exactly how the details of a specific attack apply to Florida Law.

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The laws pertaining to and governing dog bites in Florida are likely more complex than  you may have expected, but what is crystal clear is that victims have rights and that dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets.

If you, your child, your pet, or your livestock have been hurt by a dog, you have the legal right to pursue a settlement. When an apology is not enough, a dog bite lawyer in Miami Lakes can help you to fight for what is fair.

The sooner you contact a legal advocate, the stronger your case is likely to be. Consult with an experienced Miami Lakes dog bite lawyer today.