Miami Lakes Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer

Trucking accidents can cause a devastating degree of damage due to the large size of the commercial vehicles involved in these collisions. Although many truck drivers are trained and experienced in traffic laws, the amount of time they spend on the road leaves plenty of room for error.

If you were involved in such a collision, representation from a Miami Lakes commercial trucking accident lawyer could be crucial. After the accident, you may be approached by investigators and attorneys very quickly, which is why you should enlist legal help as soon as possible. A qualified personal injury attorney could ensure that you gather the documentation and evidence necessary to present your case in court as accurately as possible.

Florida Trucking Accident Law

In addition to exchanging basic vehicle and contact information, individuals involved in a commercial trucking accident in Miami Lakes are required to provide “reasonable assistance” to any person that is injured. Furthermore, when an individual’s injuries prevent them from being able to exchange their information, the other individual must contact local law enforcement and report the accident on their behalf.

Since many trucking accidents cause more damage to the other vehicle, it often falls into the hands of the truck drivers to provide assistance and contact law enforcement. Florida Statutes §316.027 states that a failure to provide “reasonable assistance” or report injuries can lead to a third- or second-degree felony charge, depending on the nature of the injuries.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Understanding the causes of trucking accidents is an important part of proving a commercial trucking accident case to the court. A Miami Lakes commercial trucking accident attorney experienced with these kinds of cases would likely first look at the following possibilities:

Anyone injured by a commercial truck in an accident due to one of the above possibilities may be eligible to fight for compensation in court. To successfully do so, however, a prospective plaintiff would need to provide information that paints an accurate picture of their case. Experienced Miami Lakes commercial trucking accident lawyers could vehemently present a case to the courts and work to pursue compensation due to the negligence of the truck driver.

Employer Liability

Commercial trucking accidents are unique because employers often face civil legal action due to the negligent actions of their employees. To hold the employer responsible, though, Florida Statutes §768.096 requires plaintiffs to prove that the employer failed to:

  • Conduct a criminal background check, driver’s license check, and/or interview
  • Determine if the background check revealed “information that reasonably demonstrated the unsuitability of the prospective employee for the particular work to be performed or for the employment in general”
  • Have the employee fill out a job application that questioned potential crimes

In some cases, truck drivers are screened and hired in ways that do not follow legal guidelines, which means the employer can be held responsible for accident compensation. Proving that an employer failed to meet the above requirements requires a great deal of research and documentation, so it is generally best to hire a commercial trucking accident lawyer in Miami Lakes who is familiar with the process.

Speak With a Miami Lakes Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney

Hiring a Miami lakes commercial trucking accident lawyer to legally represent you could be the first step towards fighting for the compensation you deserve. The devastating nature of trucking accidents can be emotionally and financially discouraging, but with the right guidance, you could begin looking forward to the future. Call today for more information.