Miami Lakes Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

The American trucking industry forms the backbone of the economy. Unfortunately, having to share the roads with these immense vehicles can create some difficult and dangerous situations. Despite having strict laws in place that limit how heavy these trucks can be, many of them are overloaded in an attempt to increase profits. When trucks are overloaded, they run the risk of rolling over in tight turns and highway off-ramps.

When these rollovers cause collisions with other vehicles, they can result in severe injuries for everyone involved. Most rollovers are the result of negligence and people injured in these situations have the right to sue the trucking company for their damages. Miami Lakes rollover truck accident lawyers represent these plaintiffs in obtaining the fair compensation that they deserve. Contact a distinguished truck accident lawyer to begin filing your case.

Causes of Rollover Collisions

Today’s commercial trucks are highly tuned machines that require specialized skill to operate and maintain. Accordingly, all drivers, maintenance workers, and operations companies are required to obtain specialized licenses to do their jobs. Despite this, these people can often forget or outright ignore laws concerning truck safety.

Overloading, or improperly loading semi-trailers can result in imbalanced cargo loads. When those trailers are taken through tight turns, even at low speeds, this imbalance can cause the entire truck to roll over. The problem can also occur in the maintenance department. Trucks require constant care and observation to be operated safely. If any part of the truck was not properly inspected or was maintained in an inadequate manner, the company may be liable for accidents that occur as a result.

Establishing Driver Negligence

Miami Lakes rollover accidents may be caused by the simple fact that the driver was negligent. Driving for long hours, speeding, or simple aggressive driving may all amount to the legal definition of negligence. In short, this means that the driver had a responsibility to protect other people, and by speeding or driving aggressively, caused other people to come to harm. In cases like these, the driver and their company may be legally responsible for any injuries caused in an accident. It may be critical for injured parties to speak with Miami rollover truck accident lawyer following their collision.

However, in cases of rollover accidents, the truck company may be negligent per se. This is a legal concept which states that a defendant in an accident is automatically liable for damages if their actions were in violation of a law. The Florida Highway Patrol truck regulations state that no truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds. These numbers are even lower for smaller style commercial vehicles. If during the police’s investigation of the accident, the truck was found to be overweight, the trucking company is in violation of the law. In an injured person’s lawsuit, they can point to this finding as evidence that the company was negligent per se.

Help from an Attorney

All collisions with commercial trucks can cause catastrophic injuries to peoples’ bodies and their vehicles. When that damage is caused by a rollover, the damage can be even worse. Cars often end up completely totaled, pushed off the side of the road, or even trapped under the truck. In many cases, a truck rollover is the result of the trailer being overloaded or improperly maintained. In still others, the truck was being negligently driven leading to the accident.

Miami Lakes rollover truck accident lawyers represent people injured in truck rollover collisions to hold the trucking companies responsible for their negligence. We understand the immense effect that these incidents can have on peoples’ lives and fight to bring them the fair compensation that they deserve. Time is limited to file a claim so contact today.