Damages in Miami Lakes Wrongful Death Cases

Damages are the amount of harm suffered by the victim or their family. Usually, damages are reduced to money that can be paid as compensation for a loss or for an injury. The term damages has a broad definition and can include any type of loss a person has suffered. The damage award is usually reduced to a dollar amount by a settlement or by a jury verdict.

To determine the specific amount of damages an individual should expect in a Miami Lakes wrongful death case, it is crucial that an individual consult with a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to begin building a claim. En Español.

Common Damages

The most common types of damages in Miami Lakes wrongful death cases are for loss of companionship, loss of parental instruction and guidance, and for mental pain and suffering for the parents or children. Medical and funeral expenses, loss of the income of the person, and the support they provided to a child or dependent can also be included as damages in a Miami Lakes wrongful death case.

Under Florida law, a person is entitled to be compensated for each of these separate categories when they lose a family member. Loss of consortium is for a spouse; loss of love and affection could be for parents or children; grief and pain and suffering can also be for parents and children.

The calculation for the loss of companionship is usually for a spouse. It includes the length of time of the marriage, the type of marriage, and the witnesses who can tell the story about the relationship and describe to the jury the quality of the relationship. Many times, the loss of companionship is the actual loss. It is easy to calculate lost wages, but it is difficult to express how much one person’s life affects someone else’s life. While that is difficult to quantify, it is often the largest measure of damages. The most devastating thing a person can experience is the loss of a loved one.

Economic Damages

Economic damages provide continuing support for dependents. The role of specific economic damages is to provide the money to the dependents that would have been earned by the decedent. Economic damages go to the person’s dependents or survivors.

Factors considered when calculating the loss of future income include the age of the deceased person, earning capacity, state of health, income at the time of death, circumstances of their dependents, their education and training, and any pension or other insurance that can be lost. An attorney usually has an accountant and an economist who can testify to these issues. However, the jury decides the actual total amount of the loss of income for a wrongful death case.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are referred to as pain and suffering. Every family’s pain and suffering is different. It is very difficult for the attorney to calculate these amounts. An attorney can estimate the potential jury verdicts for these kinds of losses and the expected damages based on other wrongful death cases in Miami Lakes.

Factors that are considered when quantifying the loss of a loved one can include whether the loss or death is preventable, the amount of financial and emotional support lost, the effect it has on the family and their ability to maintain their lifestyle, and the character of the deceased person.