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Millions of people rely on public transportation and as traffic congestion in comparatively affordable cities increases steadily, the need for continued mass transit increases as well. Although buses are typically safe, bus accidents account for more than 10 percent of all annual traffic accidents. When they occur, the resulting injuries and damage to property is generally serious.

Bus accidents can result in injuries to a large number of passengers and if another vehicle is involved, it can result in significant injuries to the other vehicle’s passengers.

Since most buses are not equipped with standard safety devices that are mandatory in smaller passenger vehicles, such as air bags or seat belts, among others, the risk of injury following a bus crash is increased.

Our Orlando bus accident attorneys are able and willing to represent you and your best interest while working with the insurance company to get you the compensation that is necessary to recover from your losses.

Common Carriers

Bus drivers, taxi drivers, and other individuals that are licensed to drive professionally by Florida licensing boards or the city of Orlando are or should be aware of the potential hazards that can and do occur while driving. Bus drivers are expected to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination safely.

As a result, under Florida law, professional drivers, including bus drivers, are held to a higher standard than is applied to non-professional motorists under the common carrier rule of transportation.


In any accident case, the court determines whether the at-fault party’s actions were the actions of a reasonable person, if a reasonable person was in the same circumstances. While a bus accident may occur because a driver is speeding, is intoxicated, loses control in inclimate weather, is distracted, or is unfamiliar with the area that she or he traveling in, accidents can occur for numerous reasons that are outside of the driver’s control.

Bus accidents can be the result of professional drivers being scheduled excessively long hours, which can result in impaired driving caused by fatigue. They may also be the result of mechanical failure, inadequate training, or weight issues.

Accidents that occur based on these types of incidents constitute negligence on the part of the common carrier and can result in liability to the employer as well.

Compensation Claims

A bus accident victim may be able to recover compensation for losses that stem from the accident. The losses that are recoverable include:

  • An injured bus accident victim may be able to recover for lost wages that she or he could have earned, if the accident had not occurred.
  • Emergency room visits, surgery, extended hospital care, rehabilitation, and necessary assistant medical devices are recoverable medical expenses.
  • Injured bus accident victims may be compensated for physical, mental, and emotional pain that she or he suffered. That can include the pain associated with physical injuries, grief, and/or anxiety that arises as a result of the accident.

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If you were a bus passenger that has been involved in an accident or were injured following a bus collision, there are legal options that are available to you. Our attorneys recognize that a bus accident is a life-changing event that has physical and financial implications that injured victims did not anticipate and that are devastating.

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