Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer

When a person driving, biking, or on foot, is hit by a 10,000-pound vehicle, the impact reaches far beyond the physical damage. The aftermath of a truck accident is overwhelming and often deadly. In this situation, it can be hard to know how to act, but it is important that you do.

Short of seeking medical attention, speaking with an experienced Orlando truck accident lawyer may be the most important step you take in your recovery. Experienced personal injury lawyers are no strangers to any road accidents. Trucks, however, pose specific, inherent dangers. A vehicle of that size carries an enormous blind spot, creating greater risk for fellow drivers.

When you consult with a truck accident attorney in Orlando, you are joining the fight to hold drivers and delivery companies accountable, thus making the roads safer for all. En Español.

Common Causes

The rules around truck driving are, in fact, highly regulated. However, there are still far too many road accidents– many of them fatal– across the US. When accidents occur, insurance providers, owners, drivers, and all involved will likely try to shift blame.

An astute, experienced Orlando truck accident attorney can work to ensure accountability and discover the root of the problem that led to their client’s accident. Common causes of truck accidents are:

  • Driver negligence
  • Poor road conditions
  • Equipment malfunction (such as brake or tire malfunction)
  • Improper cargo loading

When these negligent actions lead to serious injury, a person owes it to themselves to obtain legal representation.


It is very important to obtain legal representation because without it, insurance claims providers will work to provide the injured parties with as little as compensation possible.

Orlando truck accident lawyers have seen too many accident victims settle for less than they deserve, because they did not know what they were signing, they were presented an offer while still in a daze, or they “just wanted to put it behind them.” Attorneys in Orlando appreciate their client’s desire to move forward, and will do their best to obtain a fair recovery quickly.

However, if they do not fight for what they deserve, they may find themselves burdened with the impact of their accident at a much greater intensity and over a longer period of time.

Potential Compensation

Orlando truck accident attorneys want to ensure that their client has everything they need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and all other losses without any added financial burden.

They have represented clients who have experienced injuries such as:

Contacting an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer

Every accident is unique. Experienced lawyers are therefore prepared to give your personal injury case all of the attention it deserves. They will listen to you closely, gather information and prepare to fight for what is rightfully yours.

Be it through a settlement or litigation, skilled attorneys are here to obtain the best possible outcome for you. Contact an Orlando truck accident lawyer today.