Miami Dental Malpractice Lawyer

A trip to the dentist is rarely a pleasant experience. When a mistake is made, however, the experience goes from bad to worse. If you have experienced unusual or unnecessary trauma while at the dentist, contact a Miami dental malpractice lawyer.

Like all other doctors, dentists can be sued for malpractice. If the courts find that a dentist’s errors are egregious enough, plaintiffs can be awarded a settlement. This financial award is intended to cover the cost of medical expenses as well as lost wages and to compensate injured individuals for pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life.

As with all malpractice cases, there is a significant burden of proof placed on the plaintiff and the Miami dental malpractice lawyer representing him or her. Not all mistakes are examples of malpractice, and some patients bear more of the responsibility than the doctor or hygienist. Understanding the complexities of the law and applying them in the pursuit of a settlement requires careful and committed legal representation.

What Constitutes Dental Malpractice?

It is not uncommon to leave the dentist’s office with some pain. Many oral health problems can persist even after a checkup or cleaning. This makes it difficult to distinguish dental malpractice from common and expected issues following a visit to the dentist. These are some common examples of medical malpractice:

  • Injury or death resulting from improper use of anesthesia
  • Failure to account for a patient’s relevant medical history
  • Failure to diagnose oral cancer
  • Wrongful death as a result of dental procedures
  • Unnecessary extraction of a tooth, or the extraction of the wrong tooth
  • Receiving treatment from an unlicensed dentist
  • Violation of a patient while under anesthesia

What to do Following Dental Malpractice

The first step after experiencing a case of dental malpractice is to immediately contact a Miami dental malpractice lawyer. The more time a legal professional has to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and research the applicable laws, the stronger a plaintiff’s case becomes.

In most instances in Miami, dentists and their defense teams will build a strong defense against any claims of malpractice. Considering is the complexity of Florida malpractice law, a settlement is never guaranteed. Even when the facts of the case look most favorable to the victim, it will be necessary to build a detailed and nuanced case on their behalf.

For that reason, patients should carefully consider who to hire as their Miami dental malpractice lawyer. Many attorneys will claim to provide a mix of experience, expertise, and tenacity. However, only a few attorneys are qualified to mount a serious pursuit of a settlement.

Before hiring a Miami dental malpractice attorney, schedule a consultation with us and discuss the details of your case face to face. This will enable you to discover whether your malpractice case has legal merit and is worth the time, effort, and cost of pursuing.

It is also a chance to meet with your prospective lawyer. The quality of the consultation says a lot about the quality of the representation that a dental malpractice lawyer is prepared to provide. Schedule a free consultation at your convenience by contacting our firm.