Recent Verdicts and Settlements

$2,500,000– Trial Verdict- Careless driver causes a hard-working family man by cutting him off and caused him to fall off a scooter, leading him to receive severe and permanent injuries.

$1,000,000 – Intense collision causing flip-over left a healthy mother in extended comatose state.

$ 980,387– Dramatic collision by a truck injured two sisters, crashing and retaining them against a wall, as they prepared to complete their days’ work as housekeepers to support their children and family in South America.

$650,000– Intense collision leaves hardworking construction worker with physical and brain injuries.

$516,434– Intense collision from a ran red light caused working man to become injured and unconscious.

$450,000– Collision caused by an illegal U-turn injures a working man and leaves him physically unable to support his family.

$450,000Severe and permanent injuries to a hardworking woman due to intense side collision.

$390,000– Rear-end collision to working husband and father in a multi-car accident.

$390,000– Single mother loses her job at Pizza Hut due to physical injuries sustained as a result of intense collision.

$280,000– Single working mother becomes injured by a severe rear-end collision.

$265,227.94– Hard working handyman becomes injured and unable to work as a result of a collision caused by an illegal U-turn.

$250,000– Homeless man on a wheelchair is struck by vehicle causing him severe injuries.

$250,000– Rear-end collision and injured a serving Pastor.

$240,000– Rear left collision to dedicated mother and grandmother.

$190,000– Mother and supporter of three children rear-ended by a truck.

$175,000– Rear-end collision to a hard-working father of two.

$175,000– Intense collision injures a single mother of two.

$161,000– Single working father of three becomes injured by driver distracted by his GPS, causing him severe physical and financial distress.

$150,000– Rear-end collision injures a family man during work hours, affecting his ability to support his wife and child.

$150,000– Multiple car accident causes a single mother of three to become injured and jeopardized her long-term job due to her new physical restrictions.

$100,000– Rear-end and multi-car accident injures a working family man, originally from Venezuela, causing emotional and physical anguish.

$100,000– Working father of three becomes physically injured in a collision by a confused driver who accelerated instead of breaking; challenging his opportunity for job advancement due to his new physical limitations and inability to work.

$100,000– Rear-end collision injures a hard-working mother of three, causing a great deal of physical distress for herself, and restricting her ability to provide for her children.

$100,000– Single mother becomes injured by a driver that ran a red light, leaving her unable to provide and attend to her two minor children due to her physical and financial limitations.